Re: Best bear claw in the city - Tassajara Bakery?

11/09/20 - posted by Carol J Miller

Just found this post while reminiscing about the Donut Center on Taraval. My mother was Bea, who worked there for many years. She started in 1958 when I think it was called Billies Donut Shop. I remember her coming home from her shift smelling like donuts. There was an earthquake that year that shattered the front plate glass window all over the baked goods. I started my working life in '65, and worked on and off there until '72, when I moved to Portland, Or. Never got tired of eating those freshly made donuts. Used to fill them with custard or jelly, or slather them with maple or chocolate icing. Then took the big trays out front to sell. Yum!! Lived for awhile kitty corner from the Sand Dunes, around 46th and Taraval, where the streetcar turns, then later on Vicente. Loved seeing the same neighborhood folks come in for a bite.

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