Re: Best bear claw in the city - Tassajara Bakery?

01/17/17 - posted by Tim Dineen

We've become a mediocre food society. Delis and bakeries in grocery stores that sell the same mediocre stuff, flavorless fruits and vegetables shipped around the world out of season, and 25 variations on boxed macaroni and cheese - all horrible.

Sadly, far too many people just don't want to go down to a neighborhood bakery and buy a great pastry or dessert. They'd rather pick up a pre-packaged or frozen whatever to go with their pre-packaged or frozen dinner.

Working in a grocery store, the one comment I hear over and over is "can I microwave this?" People really don't want to cook, either.

Granted, there are a still a lot of exceptions but the mom-and-pop shops of my youth are pretty much history.

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