Re: Best bear claw in the city - Tassajara Bakery?

01/15/17 - posted by Tim Dineen

My choice would be The Donut Center on Taraval between 40th & 41st. My very first job was washing sheet pans on Saturday mornings for a couple of hours.

The owner was Neils Hoeck who lived in the house on the SE corner of Taraval & Great Highway.

The baker was named Hans - and he was the man who actually taught me how to bake - how to 'feel' the dough to know when it was right.

Waitresses Bea and Ann held court for years.

The Bear Claw filling was made with ground up stale doughnuts along with almond paste, sugar, and eggs, among other things... They were stellar - as were all the other danish, snails, coffee rings, and assorted baked goods no longer seen, today.

I ended up working there for about 5 years. The place taught me a lot.

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