10/29/10 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut
That market had several owners over the years. It was United Market during at least part of the 60s. It was Cala for a while. That particular section of the Sunset was underserved even back then. There were quite a few of those small neighborhood groceries, but the only major chains were a Safeway at 46 Avenue and Judah (closed long ago), and United/Cala/whoever on 46 Avenue and Noriega to cover from Lincoln and Great Highway to East of Sunset, and (perhaps) as far South as Sloat. Zoning may have contributed, or perhaps projected profits were not high enough for corporations to bother moving in/out to the area. Land costs may have been a factor even back in the 50s and 60s. Those who are anti automobile need to try to carry 35 lbs or more of groceries 12 or more blocks home, or have to hold on to everything at a bus/streetcar stop and then have to climb on and off the bus/streetcar--if there is public transportation nearby. (Those wheeled carts cab be impossible to haul on and off public transportation, especially for thr frail and/or elderly.) It's too bad that two or three shopping centers were never built back when land was still available.
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