08/17/02 - posted by Jim Mullany
I was living on 19th Avenue around 1958 0r 1959 and I learned that Willie Mays was living on Miraloma Drive from a kid down the street named Kevin. Kevin's father had two season tickets to the Giants games at Seals Stadium. During the weekdays in the summer, Kevin often was able to use the tickets and would sometimes invite one of us to go with him. We learned that Kevin had boldly gone up to Willie's house and asked him for a ride to and from the games. Surprisingly, Willie agreed to this arrangement and frequently Kevin traveled to and from the game in Mays' pink T-Bird. I recall one day I was invited to attend a game with Kevin and he said there was a chance we could get a ride home with Mays. Of course I was very skeptical this would actually happen. But at the end of the game, we waited by Mays's car out in the parking lot beyond centerfield. Mays approached the car with all kinds of kids asking for his authogaph. When Willie unlocked the car, Willie signaled to Kevin and I got in the back seat and Kevin got in the front seat next to Willie. Willie hardly said anything on that ride home and I was just in a daze as I stared at the back of his head as other cars would honk or people would wave at him. Definitely was of the most thrilling experiences of my young life.
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