12/06/16 - posted by Skipper
Joe was a young man working on the Fox theatre I remember, vaguely in like 1905... So he was plenty old. Met him working for Robert G. He said "hey kid how'd ya like too." Had a 54 ford p/u. By 16 I had to get a dealers license to buy anymore cars. As far as landmarks, well did some work for Getty in Malibu, but also 300 Montgomery St. The beauty of that BofA was ruler worthy. Windows opened. I worked many of the mansions of St. Francis Woods.....did hundreds of Jr.5s with two Hawaiian guys. Paul, was like me and Robert Redford....at 16 he had his own place, collected pipes just like some guys collected stamps...Good bass player.
Hung with Sly and the family.
I had my own family
And played Willie Nelson style....we called it Oakie. Respectfully like Frisco.
Sorry, I digress

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