Some WWII Trivia

11/26/16 - posted by Richard

Leather was in short supply during WWII because of military demands. The army alone needed more than 15 million pairs of combat boots. In Feb 43, rationing of civilian leather shoes bgan, everyone limited to three pairs a year.

Kids could easily go through more than three pairs. To extend the life of my footwear , Mom followed a national trend and took every pair of my new shoes to a cobbler who put metal tap dance plates on the back of the heels and front edges of the soles. These produced a clickety-click sound on sidewalks, and sparks when they were kicked on a rock. It was wonderful. Some school yards were particularly noisy. When holes appeared in soles, flattened pieces of a metal can were put inside.

In lower grades at Sutro Elementary I had to be really careful when I teased girls because they had the bad habit of kicking boys in the shins when provoked. Metal taps would not only be painful, but could do real damage!

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