Kezar Football-1966

11/24/16 - posted by Frank Dunnigan - dunnigan<at>

Who remembers Thanksgiving Day in 1966? It was SI vs. Lowell for the AAA (Academic Althletic Association--the group that organized sports among SF high schools of the era) Championship at Kezar Stadium. Here's what the SI website has to say on the 50th anniversary:

"SI fought Lowell to a 14-14 standoff late in the 4th Quarter of the Turkey Day Championship in front of a Kezar crowd of 18,000. Then, with seconds remaining, QB Paul Contreras threw to Tom Schwab. A defender tipped the ball, and it went into the arms of SI's Gary Hughes who ran 23 yards to score a touchdown with 40 seconds left on the clock."

The crowd went wild, the goalposts fell, and the SI yearbook later described the win as "Agony--Ecstacy"--a never-to-be-forgotten moment in SF high school sports.

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