11/19/16 - posted by Paul Judge
Pulling out place settings and cookware to host family next Thursday many kindred memories of Thanksgivings past flood the senses. The kitchen preparations by my mom and older sisters and the fragrances that filled our Avenues home. My anticipation and excitement being with family elders and cousins. Cherished times of similar recollections that many have posted over the years here on the Message Board. That we should all have an uncle like Frank Dunnigan at our dinner table who tells great stories or that quirky guest to the table who offers colorful tales.

Later today we're attending an annual potluck Thanksgiving dinner with a core of pals and associates. It's something we've been doing since the mid '70s when some of us lived together on an old farm in Bennett Valley. Quite a few in this group grew up in the Avenues, met at college, or early in careers and local farmers markets.

Let us be grateful. Cheers to all in the WNP community.
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