03/28/16 - posted by Frank Dunnigan
My memories are about the same (also from St. Cecilia Parish, so what can I say?). After spending time in church, we dyed Easter eggs on Good Friday afternoon. Mom always thought we were boiling too many--she knew that she's be eating them for lunch all week long! Friday night dinner was almost always tuna in cream sauce with peas & carrots, served over Pillsbury biscuits, but usually with something good for dessert.

That Saturday generally involved a trip to the barber for a haircut, but nothing else special.

After Mass and Sunday brunch, we usually went out for a ride--the tulip gardens at the base of the Dutch Windmill were a favorite spot, maybe a walk through Sutro's, and I also remember the Conservatory of Flowers in the Park being open on Easter Sunday. There was always the big (canned) ham for dinner, covered with pineapple rings & studded with cloves.

The big after-dinner debate was always about who made the best Rocky Road chocolate eggs: See's or Shaw's?
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