03/28/16 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
W.M., I am vastly relieved for you, though I am sure you would have looked quite fetching... :) :)

Your first post also reminded me of something I have not thought of in ages...when it came to the St. Cecilia three-hour devotions on Good Friday (which, yes, felt more like 3 years!).

I clearly remember Msgr. Collins letting some of us younger kids sit INSIDE the altar rail, on the steps that led up to the altar. He was a wise man....the novelty of being in an area of the church, where we were not normally allowed to go (except for the altar boys) was a real treat!

We got to see sanctuary/altar stuff up close, and also stare at all the grownups in the pews. I even recall a few kids would go from sitting up to lying down, and take a nap! Msgr., bless him, let those kids snooze away...(though I'm sure the parents of the kids were mortified!)
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