03/27/16 - posted by W.M.
Happy Easter EVERYONE!

My family's Easter celebration echoes Jo Anne's almost to a "T"...go figure for a fellow St. Cecilian, huh? I'm trying to remember if anything was done special for Holy Thursday though. I don't think so. Good Friday in the church for The Stations Of The Cross (sorry, but it was just about the most boring 3 hours), and then home for a meatless dinner. Holy Saturday, well again I don't recall any significant celebration except for dying Easter eggs. Then Easter Sunday - attend mass, home for a brunch of Mom's famous pancakes or waffles (with bacon strips cooked right into them), the Easter egg hunt, and the ham w/cloves dinner and all the trimmings.

And to start the following week is the egg salad sandwiches taken to school for lunch until about Wednesday...hahaha.
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