03/27/16 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
Growing up, and being Cath, Easter and pre-Easter was a big deal at our house.
Good Friday meant our entire school (St. Cecilia's) attended the Three Hours Devotion at the church. I don't recall doing anything on Holy Saturday.
Then, off to Easter Sunday Mass, followed by the in-home egg hunt (eggs under chairs, behind curtains, etc.) plus a basket-full of jelly beans on the fireplace hearth. My Aunt would buy a big box of See's chocolates, and we would ration them like they were the Last Chocolates On The Planet - one choc, per person, per day. Then, Easter dinner where nothing else would do but a great big ole ham (studded with cloves, of course) and all the trimmings. My Mom always made me a frilly new Easter dress with a matching hat to wear to church.
Those were the days!!
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