03/26/16 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut
I have referenced the 1957 earthquake several times on this site--was it really almost 59 years ago?!

I also attended school that day. For me, and most of my classmates, it was a weird, sort of, entertaining event. None of us were hurt. When I returned home, everything was the same as when I had left. My only problem was--back then long distance was priced per call not just by minutes--I couldn't call my friends back "home" on the East Coast and tell them about my adventure, about which I suspect they would have been envious. We later learned (by a frantic relative whose call finally went thru)one East Coast headline claimed the 1957 earthquake was worse than the 1906 earthquake!

I remember Ransohoff's. It was so exclusive that only a very few ever felt welcome. After most of the A list died off, very few were left to be customers, and they went out of business. One of my (sarcastic) comments to a snob I met a few years ago who was forced to work for a local company with coworkers AND customers he felt beneath him (for some reason he thought I was one of his select few): You must remember, there are so very many more of them than there are of us! I received a nauseated look in return, and eye roll as well. After all these years, you must realize you were well out of there!
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