03/24/16 - posted by jb
Recall the day well, under my desk in 2nd grade at Olympia school with Burt Lanthier. We kept busy drawing battleships oblivious to the damage sustained when we returned home. I Think we had some broken glass but made it through with little loss, save for a certain innocence which only added awe to my budding awareness to power of nature.

Living on the edge of the world, our exposure to winds, waves and moving earth was learned at a young age, creating a certain maturity about natural disasters. I marvel, in dread, how folks can be so afraid of earthquakes and yet live in areas where disaster is broadcast 3 days prior to its arrival. I much prefer the element of occasional surprise and be spared the warnings, which like the music in Jaws, to me is most foreboding.

Cheers, duck and cover,
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