09/15/22 - posted by David Friedlander
I ran across this thread and it brought back many memories. I was in 3rd grade at Noriega Home School and I remember the duck and cover drill that day in the wooden classrooms with ramps that were closest to 44th and Moraga. Then walking home from school a few blocks to our family home. My parents had taken off the wall a small Asian motif shelf with some porcelain they had gotten for their wedding years earlier. We stood in doorway of the living room during aftershocks. I still have the shelf with the porcelain today all these years later. When I look at it I remember the earthquake.

Most importantly that night if my memory is correct, my father had tickets to the SF Seals/Boston Red Sox exhibition game at Seals Stadium. We went to the game in which Ted Williams played. The last year of the stadium. Laying in bed that night I could feel my bed move ever so slightly from more aftershocks.
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