03/30/16 - posted by W.M.

I didn't really have any say in regards to the date I was born, but certainly don't want you feeling "ancient" either. The good thing here on the message board is that no "generation gap" exsists really. All of us seem to share many similar memories of the old 'hoods and I've learned so much from the WNPers who have/had a few years on me. So to you (and any others) who fit into this category, please know how much I appreciate and respect you for your memories and wisdom. AND, it's great to learn that you, Rex's Grandmother, and Mom reacted in the exact same way when the '57 quake hit - a lesson passed down from generation to generation among San Franciscans.

I will be 61 in a couple days (the baby of the family), so I believe I'm entitled now to ask, "Would you please pass me the Geritol?". Not that I'm anemic, but my checkbook is saying I'm poor...

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