03/22/16 - posted by Joan Imlay
To all
The first time I ever felt an earthquake was March 22 1957. I was working at a storeon Post Street Ransohoffs. I was a kind of a gofer. I remember I was riding down in an elevator at about 2:00 in the afternoon. An aftershock rattled the elevator and some people cried out.
I wonder why when this day is recalled in history this earthquake is never mentioned.
Alas I had not idea how to keep counts and books for the main floor sales of Ransohoffs so was let go the following Friday after the earthquake. That being March 29 1957.
Write soon. After I was let go I cried and cried but everything turned out alright. I was hired by Continental Trailways Buslines as a stewardess...a far better job for a young girl. From Joan (Aprea)Imlay
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