07/06/09 - posted by JCary
Hello Rita Wright. I also attended Sheridan Elem. School in Ingleside, and went to St. Michael's Church. I believe it was 1956 or 1957 when my sisters and I made our First Holy Communion there. I still have the group photo taken at St. Michael's Church. I have been planning to send this photo to Woody, as well as another photo taken at the original City Hall. There were tryouts at Sheridan to see who had a nice singing voice, I did not, I was rejected, but my sister, as well as several other students at Sheridan, were chosen. They sung at the City Hall and a photo was taken of the group. I still have that photo as well. In the front left, is Sheridan's school principal, (she was very nice) and on the right is the music teacher. Well I guess I have to get these photo's to Woody so you would know what I am talking about.
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