Re: Growing up a 49ers Fan at Kezar Stadium

05/20/20 - posted by Martin Jacobs

49ers Fans, I could use your help. I'm putting together a book called, "Reflections of Kezar Stadium-49ers Fans' Remember." I'm letting the 49ers fans write the book. I myself will add a feature story and many great photos to the book from my 15 years of vending food and souvenirs at Kezar. The 49ers played at Kezar from 1946 to 1971. So if you were there and you have an interesting tale to tell- maybe the 'boo-birds' unruly brawling fans, the ticket prices, or the splinters from those wood benches, the frequent foggy weather, or sitting in the Christopher Milk section, a special halftime performance, or the long lines at the concession stands, or your favorite player or games you witnessed, even those seagulls who dropped their wares on the heads of the fans (I was one of them), please email me at
For me, publishing this book is a labor of love for me.I'm a life long 49ers fan, 77 years. I want to keep those enduring memories alive from those memorable Sunday's spent at Kezar. For your contribution, I will give book credits and a free book, for the stories chosen. I welcome a few lines, or a few paragraphs, or a pages. Send them on. Any questions, let me know.

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