09/20/15 - posted by Shirley Krohn
Yesterday was this reunion held at the United Irish cultural Center in San Francisco. What a crowd! Close to 500 people showed up. All Poly classes are included. The Alumni Association lunch this year is actually a continuation of the grid lunches held for many years which may have been called "grid", but it was actually an alumni gathering.

It took us 90 minutes to get from Walnut Creek to SF near the Zoo. Traffic was, as usual, unbelievable! Plus parking is a problem at this venue. Very limited in an attached lot, and street parking is a challenge.

But once we got in, it was terrific!!! The oldest class I believe I heard, was from 1937...one person! A couple of faculty showed up as well. This will now be an annual event. Because of the size of the crowd, it was very difficult navigating the room. So I'm sure I missed saying hi to many in my class of Fall '55. This Poly gang is very loyal!!
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