Re: In the Blink of an Eye

11/02/15 - posted by Kev

I knew most of them Frank to one degree or another.

There's a private story : Whenever I

hear Ray Steven's 'Everything is Beautiful',

I think of Donna. Her Dad said it was her favorite song

at that time in her young life...

I ask myself, what's better? Dealing with stories of us

who are left with our/their memories, or glad knowing they

don't need to deal with blood panels with CAT-

Scans/ MRI's & such with our Oncologist 45 years later?

What pains me more is the world will never look into

the eyes possibly of one of their children operating one

of these machines or guiding our medical fate.

A wide-open future of happenstance, where

anything's possible. That's no longer possible to us &

our friends due to a drunk driver.

An early sad step back, in an already

traumatic blink in time ~

(However cathartic & no worries, I wish now I never

ran into this thread...)

Gob Bless them all!


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