Re: In the Blink of an Eye

08/12/20 - posted by Dallas Swann

Per Bob Burton's request, contacted you by email, with phone number, but have not heard back.
July 11th 2020 marked 50 years since the horrific accident on Doyle Drive, taking the lives of 9 at the scene and ultimately all 12 individuals involved. Most of these young people lived in the Western Neighborhoods. I have been collecting information and interviews for many years. This is for a book, when I feel I have enough insight to do justice to the subject. Unfortunately I have had a number of other obligations, including work, during these years. Due to the times we are living in I am able to get back to this immensely important project. I’ve interviewed many of the first responders, read autopsy reports, NTSB reports and much publicized information. What is missing is hearing from those most closely affected and damaged by this horrific accident. I would like to hear from the individuals who witnessed and lived through the hell of that night and the years to follow. I’ve spoken to a few of you, but to do justice to this, I need to hear from many more. Those of you who can shine light and reflect on what you remember, giving your loved ones and friends their voices back. I want to hear how you knew the victims, what you saw, what you heard, and how this has affected your life. I want to do justice to all those lost souls.

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