Re: In the Blink of an Eye

07/11/20 - posted by Joanne (Edwards) Fox

I lived a few doors up 25th Avenue from Carole (Bootsie) Alamsha; we were inseparable during our elementary school years. I knew her cousin, Debbie, from attending family functions. I was 6 months ahead of Carole in school, back when we had high and low classes, so we weren’t as close after I started at Hoover before she did. I also went to school with Alana Lee. I remember the Lovin’ Spoonful song played at Carole’s and Debbie’s joint funeral and think of Carole every time I hear it. I think of her sometimes for no reason at all. The last thing she said to me, probably a week before the accident, was about how much she loved Carl Campbell. I went to Bert’s funeral, too, which was held at St. Cecelia’s. Decades later, as each of my three daughter’s learned to drive, they had already heard of this devastating accident time after time. It’s had a lifelong effect on everyone who knew any of the kids in that Mustang. May those 9 beautiful souls still rest in peace.

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