Re: In the Blink of an Eye

06/24/20 - posted by Brad Connell

This is bizarre that I would inadvertently come across this posting at this time. Coming up on 50 years since. I was doing an internet search with something other to do with the Golden Gate Bridge and I saw this listed in the internet finds. Wow. Sorry if this is long but I need to say this and add to the posting. Several of the people in the Mustang were my high school friends. But Jack Adams...yes Jack as he never went by his real first name of Samual...was a close friend of mine from junior high until this day. We actually were together the day of or the day leading up to that evening. I ran into Jack at Stonestown by Glee’s Health foods where he use to work. I told him I was headed to the Emporium to buy a birthday present for my nephew who was turning 1 the next day. He came along and we stopped briefly to say hello to his mom in cosmetics at The Big E where she worked. We went upstairs and I got a little push cycle for my nephew to ride. As we headed back out he mentioned a party that several people I knew were going to that evening in Sausalito and why don’t I come along. I had a graveyard shift at a gas station so I couldn’t go. That is a job that Jack got for me as he use to work there too. He said I should consider just calling in sick and let’s go have a good time but I didn’t want to call in that night. That evening around 7:30 he called me just to check if I had changed my mind. That was the last time I spoke with him. That morning around 3 am a Door Shaker (a unofficial cop who patrols neighborhoods for hire) came by the gas station and told me there was a horrible accident on the bridge and that possibly 10 persons had died. I was shocked. The next morning I was home laying on my bed with my moms radio on down the hallway. I started to hear the reporting of the accident and they listed some of the victims. When I heard some of the other names and then Samual Adams I was devastated. I lost friends that night and in the days after and then Carl Campbell in the years after. It’s 50 years now but I still always think of my friends. Miss you Jack. Thanks for being my friend.

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