Re: In the Blink of an Eye

03/26/20 - posted by Dave L

I read the entire report, which is quite thorough and necessarily clinical. Attachment 2, "Synopsis of Occupant Injuries," is especially heartrending, as it paints a picture of who the victims were, where they were seated and what caused their injuries or, in most instances, deaths. The damage done to the persons in the Porsche makes for particularly disturbing reading.

Of note is the fact that improvements to that stretch of roadway had been requested many times and likely would have been made had the rejected proposal to connect the Embarcadero Freeway with the bridge been implemented. Sadly, it was only after ten young people died that improvements were finally put in place.

Of course, no such improvements would have prevented the Porsche driver from going 100+ mph on a public road and recklessly destroying so many lives, including his own.

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