Re: In the Blink of an Eye

06/21/19 - posted by Maggie Newman (Moffat)

I remember that night all too well! Bert had just sold his car and I think was going to deliver it the following day. I had been riding around with them before they decided to go to Sausalito..never thought at the time I would say this but Thank God I Had A Curfew! I had them let me out at Zims at 19th and Taraval and went home, what a shock the next day!

Carl Campbell was also in the car, survived, and as I heard it died of an overdose sometime later. My brother was the boyfriend of Alana Lee at some point before. I went to school with Debbie, she lived on 26th Ave. and I lived on Springfield Drive. Don't remember too many details other than those, I am sure they would come to me if I thought about it.

This made such a big impression on all of our lives, I am not sure anybody that is still around will ever forget it!

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