10/30/02 - posted by Sean
GET. Let's see. How many pigeons can we cram into the corner of the back parking lot by Bill's Place? Maybe 200? What's the deal with how each store was connected all the way down from Sloat to the last store near Lucky's? Can I pay for this candy bar in the hardware store? GET was also the first place in the Sunset to have Pac Man and Defender video game machines. Remember Bill's Place's plate collection from around the world on the walls? I remember St. Gabriel and St. Celcilia (sic) students had to buy their school uniforms at the clothing store there. Not to mention many pairs of Ben Davis pants and Derby Jackets. GET is actually immortalized on film. Check out "American Graffiti 2." At the end of the movie a van runs over a bunch of garbage cans in front of Taco the Town. That restaurant by the way had the greasiest walls EVER behind the counter. Great burritos though. And to respond to another posting re:GET. The closest San Francisco comes to the small town feel it had from 1930-1981, is only on 3 days of the year. Thanksgiving night, the Day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas night. The streets are deserted. You can park in the front of any busy restaurant on Columbus in North Beach. Why? Because all the carpet baggers/dot commers from around the country and the suburbanites from the Bay Area (hello, Danville!)have all left the City to be with their families and SF is only left with the SF natives inhabiting it for these sweet 3 days of the year.
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