12/23/22 - posted by K. Castro
Tonight I was looking to find anything on the GETs shopping center. I ended up here... three days before Christmas, 2022. My Mom would take us there to look in the toy department. I remember a crowded parking lot, the Lucky store and generally having a lot of fun. We lived on Quintara, two blocks from the beach. And, I see that this 'conversation' started in the early 2000's, ... over twenty years ago. I wonder what the original posters are up to these days. I attended Noriega Home School and very much enjoyed the neighborhood feel of where I was a young boy. Even remembered the red garbage trucks with the tall sides that the men had to toss up shoulder-hook cans to the top to be emptied. It was all very idyllic. Then we moved to South San Francisco. When I am back in The City, I drive by the old place, try to locate where GETs was and generally drive slow through the area. I miss the two-tone fog horn.
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