03/03/21 - posted by Andy
I really enjoyed these stories about Gets. I lived very near Mount Davidson so my recollections are more from going to Lowell in the late 1970’s which is near Gets. Folks must remember Herb’s deli on Taraval near Scherba’s auto parts. Thursday’s Herb’s sold meatball sandwiches. The best sandwich ever for meatball lovers. The little liquor store at Gets would sell us high schoolers beer. We would take our sandwiches and beer and go to lake Merced. So many fond memories of my teen years. I was caught shop lifting the small 45 records from the record shop at Gets and they made my Mom come pick me up when I was about 13 years old. Not my best moment and many more stupid teenage stunts to come. My Mom called us the under the hill gang. Sort of like “Sunset Punks.”
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