06/21/09 - posted by s
I loved GETs!!!! I remember the turnstyles.
As a kid that lived 5 min ( 2 min by bike)
I spent countless days there. The ice cream, the numerous changes in Fast Food, The stairs as others have described through and into each department, It was the best! Some departments were more high quality than others, but if you needed something, GET usually had it. It evolved with me as a grew up.
At some point, a hamburger place moved in I think it was called Bills place. It was semi out of place but did well.
Luckys Market was an anchor store for years and years, and evolved, the aisles in that store. So narrow.
If I remember correctly, once the revamping occurred a 31 flavors-Baskin Robins moved in.
I stopped by 10 years ago, and the Luckys plaza has been redesigned to be upscale. It is now retooled. Luckys has survived the upgrade but nothing else is the same. RIP GET. The good old days are a fond memory.
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