06/05/15 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut
Thank you Charles and Scott for taking the time to contact us here.

I, along with many others, found Frank interesting, enjoyable, and informative.

There is a story (which may or may not be a legend) about a primitive tribe (in Africa, or South America, or The South Pacific) who never wanted to be photographed because they belived the camera(s) stole a part (or all) of their souls forever. When I first heard this story/legend, I laughed. After years of experiencing the present fade into the past, I believe it is true. When we see old photos, we can return to a past which again become the present, and relive a special memory--someone long gone is with us again. Now, on this site, a bit of Frank lives forever. Long after all of us are with Frank in the next life, he will still exist, and others will enjoy him, too.

I don't know what will replace this eventual primitive, if not prehistoric, site. Drawings were replaced by photos, by films, by video, by internet, by: Well you who are reading this in your present/our past only know, it but allows you to enjoy Frank. The Time Machine moves on.

Charles, thank you also for putting aside your grief to place us high on your contact list. Altho Frank had a long life, and truly is in a better place, the heart still hurts no matter what our intellect attempts to comfort.

Scott, thanks for sharing your memories. I, myself, shocked my father towards the end of his life when I surprised him with how much/many of our special times together I remembered with joy and appreciation. Your little girl will never forget your special times together, either.

Now we add to Our In Memorium:

Karen/Karyn Sallisbury Bosso
Will Connelly
Frank Grant

We will reread their many entries, sometimes with laughter, sometimes with tears in our eyes.

They shall never be forgotten, because a part them remains here forever.

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