06/01/15 - posted by Charles
Some of you may remember my brother Frank Grant who posted tributes on this page on Veterans Day. He has not been up to it for the last couple of years. But now he has earned his own veteran's tribute, for he died peacefully at home early today at the age of 90. He was born on Haight Street but when he was a year old the family moved to 20th Avenue near Vicente. After serving in the army in WW II he had residences in various parts of the Bay Area and has lived in Oregon for the last 20 or so years. He was able to visit the Bay Area a year ago, when we visited the old haunts, Parkside School, Lincoln, and the old Haight neighborhood where our father had a pharmacy. We viewed the old soccer field at Beach Chalet, then went on to lunch at the Cliff House. He made many friends during his lifetime. They will all miss him.
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