02/18/16 - posted by W.M.
As I recall, The Purple Mile was the most popular of all the tracks located at Playland, and there was often a pretty long wait when busy. It's pretty great that it has been "saved" and preserved for use again. Too bad it's not in The City, but what the heck?

Another mid 1960's slot car racing location in The Sunset was on the NE corner of Taraval & 33rd Ave (just west of the K&E five and dime store) which had two or three tracks. My friend, Lynn, who lived directly across the street from me, had a Manta Ray Slot Car - just about the "coolest" of them all (at that time) in my opinion. Other friends on my block also had slot cars which were also cool, but none matched Lynn's Manta Ray. I often went with her and others to the Taraval location to run their cars for fun. Sometimes there would be a "challenge race" which added to the excitement.

TONS OF FUN was had by ALL (in those days) just for a little "pocket change".
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