• 12/07/14 Bon-Omi - posted by Dennis

12/07/14 - posted by Dennis
Well, except for Paul, not much luck on Cervesi's. So,
anyone remember Bon-Omi, North-West corner of 7th. and Clement? Manager was a tall thin guy with black hair and wide rim glasses, always wore a smock jacket. Now "King" Norman's had the wider selection of toys but Bon Omi had some good stuff for kids who were financially challenged. Balsa wood airplanes with a lead weight at the nose. Those wooden paddles with a rubber band and little rubber ball attached with a staple. And those 15 cent metal squirt guns where you pulled back a lever to fill them. They were good for about 1 or 2 real good shots. And on the West side of the store, the candy section. they had those suckers with the loop handles and a picture of a clown on the top.Up the next block, Woolworth's always had those large chunks of Girardelli chocolate in a bin in the window.
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