10/28/14 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut
If the apartments are located where I think, I remember a Laguna Honda (School, not the home) classmate living there in 1956. Of course, the buildings were very nice and still rather new back then. Her mother was a dietitian at Laguna Honda (the Home, not our School) for a long time.

Back then: Don Sherwood also lived there, and sometimes his TV show was broadcast from his apartment. By the time I really understood Don Sherwood for a neighbor *was* a big deal, they had moved to a larger place (a pleasant flat in The Parkside). Alas! My opportunity to see (I mean, actually notice) Donny Babe in person many times had slipped by.

Our long ago memories are frozen in time. People never age; those who once were much older now seem so young when viewed thru memory's lens. Places which are tired and shabby appearing still have newly planted trees instead of dead wood hazards, and fresh paint instead of dry rot, as we remember the years away. I suppose those apartments look dated and not so appealing now. New construction--which will also look dated, shabby, and ready for redevelopment eventually--will replace one more "permanent" Sunset landscape...and one more childhood memory of mine.

I better give in and acquire some credit card debt again, so I can visit Home before the very last places I remember are redeveloped and gone forever...except in my childhood memories...
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