10/09/14 - posted by KS
For many years Public Elementary & Junior High Schoolyards and Playgrounds (some present) would be staffed after school, on weekends, and summer days by a ‘Director’. They were employees from the Park & Rec Department often age 20 something ( Park & Rec, or Rec & Park…). Many of us growing up, looked at these guys like big brothers, and a great part of our socialization took place right there in the ‘SchoolYard’. An earlier post about kick ball competition reminded me of this topic. In the summer, there were coordinated trips to Giants Games, Bay Cruises, Playland, Kickball, Softball competition…….Some of the Directors, I believe, did as much for the SF youth as dedicated Social Workers and Teachers. ALL of my experiences/observations were generally positive. I know there are many stories out there………..”Hey Direct ! “
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