08/09/14 - posted by W.M.
This idea might be a fun memory game to play. Considering that many of us that frequent the message board are "baby-boomers" and that most of our Western Neighborhood schools were filled to capacity with students during the 1950's - 1960's, I thought it could be interesting to attempt a count of the number of kids that lived on each block we did. Please know that I do not wish to limit this game only to baby-boomers though, so I hope everyone joins in.

Kids were EVERYWHERE throughout the Outside Lands, but maybe if enough people play this little mind game, we may get an idea of which section within each of the neighborhood(s) could have had the highest concentration of children per block. Maybe that determination might not be possible, but we can try, can't we?

I propose the following "rules" for this game:

1. The count must be on our physical block only (no around the corner).
2. Only use your memory to provide your answer, please.
3. Try to limit your count to your elementary school period or before (grades K - 6).
4. Feel free to list names, but maybe only first names out of respect of privacy.

My block of 28th Ave between Quintara and Rivera had the following child population as best as I can recollect: Debbie and Diane, Bill and his brother (I can't remember everyone's name), Patty Butch and myself (Will), Buddy and Patsy, Steve and his sister, Nancy and her sister, Tommy, and two brothers who were early childhood friends but moved away to the Sacramento area when I was little. That was my side of the block. On the other side was Rob and Steve, Don, Joey and Beth, Lynn and her sister, Bill and Danny, and Michael.

Ok, so by my (memory) count there were 26 children living on my block during my pre-junior high school years. I am almost positive that I have left someone out (or a couple), but because I have less than total recall abilities, this does't surprise me. One thing I do notice is that my name (William) seems to have been the most popular name for kids on my block.

So, does anyone else want to come out and play?

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