04/16/14 - posted by Mary-Ann
I'm a collector of too much - my grandmother encouraged me to collect pennies and gave me a cardboard collector's board with cutout holes to fit the coins and isinglass windowas that you could slide in and out. There are still a few blank spaces. About 60 or so years later I joined the ANA and received their magazine, "Numismatist".

In the April 2006 issue there appeared two absolutely fascinating articles: one about A.P Giannini and his little Bank of Italy and the other that tells the story of how Mint Superintendent Frank Leach and the engineers and other mint employees literally save the "Granite Lady" from fire and destruction at the risk of their lives. I'm keeping that issue.

Several times our beloved old timer Rosie mentioned the fact that her father had been employed by the mint. I attempted to contact her once when this story came out, but she did not respond. I should have tried harder.

Is there any way to make this article available to anyone who might be interested in obtaining a copy legally? As is stated, "All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited..." The title is "Earthquake!" by Mike Moran ANA1176087. Questions may be directed to the Editor in Chief,
email: magazine@money.org
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