Re: Leggs Ice Skating,Ocean Ave.

09/19/04 - posted by Kathy Gori

I took lessons from Harris Legg himself in about 1956 when I was 5 years skating was the only sport I was ever any good at, and I was so proud that I just laced up my skates the first time and took off...Harris Legg said I was a natural.. My mother had been a figure skater and so she took me to Leggg...I skated for many years, at Legg, then at 48th Avenue and also at Sutros before they burned. The last time I was on skates was years ago at Squaw Valley.
I loved my figure skating costumes, and carrying my own skates in my little skating case. I also remember the hot chocolate at the cafe at the 48th street rink! Wow! Some memories.

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