Re: Leggs Ice Skating,Ocean Ave.

12/29/13 - posted by Bob Seeberger

I was one of Phyllis and Harris Legg's students, along with Linda Shottelkorb and many others when the Advance Team from Columbia Pictures visited one day to inquire if anyone would like to be in a movie? Several of us who qualified (by being in intermediate to advanced level class lessons) raised our hands and later showed up at the movie set (for a week) at Sutro's Ice Rink, where the large screen version of the popular TV Series, "The Lineup" was being filmed for release the following year in 1958. Eli Wallach was "Dancer", the main gangster, in the movie and the Screen Actors Guild needed to have extras skating in the background while a mezzanine drug drop encounter was to take place, involving a wheel chair gangster occupant being thrown through the railing and below to the ice where we were skating. Those were definitely memorable days from 7am to 7pm for a week, with breakfast, lunch and dinner served and $67/day pay scale. Other locations besides Sutro's for our recreational skating those days were the 48th Ave Ice Rink, and Iceland in Berkeley on Ashby. My business website - "The Lineup" Sutro's Segment

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