Re: Leggs Ice Skating,Ocean Ave.

12/03/04 - posted by Jerry

I sure do remember the ice rink on Ocean. Most of the girls in our neighborhood went there esp on Friday nites, I recall that after our Boyscout meeting at St Emydius several of us "scouts" would go watch the girls through the big windows in front. Skated a few times as well. The rink was elevated about 2-3 feet, and the bathrooms were up a very long staircase. Now going up that staircase in ice skates was an accomplishment-for me at least- the other choice was to take the skates off, but this was like saying you couldn't walk up there in your skates, not something a 13-14 boy is apt to do.
Some of the girls were pretty good actually, I especeially remember with fondness my good friend Lynn Botarinni she was ever so graceful, she seemed to just glide.
Sometime in the early 60's I guess, the rink closed and reopened as the Blue and Gold Pool Hall, but that is another story altogether.

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