03/26/14 - posted by Karen K
I distinctly remember Dick Upton our Foremost delivery man..We knew him well enough that he invited us to visit him in SLT (South Lake Tahoe) at the motel he owned and operated when he retired from working for Foremost Dairies. He was so cute! He wore a white uniform, black shoes, black bow tie and natty cap. The bottles were placed on our top step with the paper caps and cream just underneath the lid. He even left ice cream "snoballs" at Christmas time! The snoballs were vanilla ice cream scoops rolled in coconut flakes and decorated with green icing for the "leaves" and red dots for the "berries". Each one even had a candle inserted in the center. WOW..

Since this bleach delivery story has become a "whole 'nother shade" of white (ha) anyone else remember the cows lined up for milking inside the building windows on South Van Ness?
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