03/26/14 - posted by Denny
This is an attempt to address Jo Anne Q’s intriguing question: “Why would anyone want BLEACH delivered to them in gallon bottles?”

As usual, the Internet has shed some light on this obscure and yet somewhat interesting topic.

In an online forum called “Forgotten Chicago”, someone started a forum discussion on the topic of bleach delivery. Although this bleach delivery service was in Chicago, possibly there was a similar service in the Outside Lands.


“Back in the early ‘60s, my aunt had a number of babies in diapers. At the time, there were no disposable diapers, and they could not afford a diaper service. Since she washed the diapers herself, she used to soak the dirty diapers in a container of bleach water until she did the laundry. To save money, she used to get a home delivery of bleach. I was young myself, but I remember seeing all the bleach bottles lined up when a delivery was made. The bleach came in clear one gallon glass bottles.”


I have no memory of bleach delivery in the Sunset, but maybe it was used by customers who went through a LOT of bleach, and/or were looking to save money by signing up with a bleach-delivery company, and/or didn’t have a car, and didn’t want to lug those heavy bottles.

Still, it seems odd that something like bleach would be delivered. But then again, a lot of things were delivered in those days.
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