01/05/14 - posted by W.M.

I never heard of a Herb's coffee shop, but that's not to say it never existed. The ice cream shop on 24th and Taraval was Wally's and it was on the northwest corner. That's what I remember.

It is sad to read about the passing of Jennie Thompson...she was such a friendly lady who always treated all of us kids with respect and delighted when we enjoyed all the flavors Herb's Delicatessen had to offer. I can remember the days before "meatball Thursday" when people would buy a carton full of meatballs to serve as part of their evening meal. I think I can even remember my own mother doing this once or twice, but not absolutely certain about that. One thing is for sure, Jennie's meatballs quickly became one of the most definitive flavors of the Sunset District and the memories of them have lived on for years, and probably for many more years to come. With her being an "old school" Sicilian/Italian cook, I have little doubt she felt proud of her recipe.

As Frank mentions feeling a bit sad that the building remains vacant after 15 years, I too had wished to see Herb's still operating during my drive-by's when visiting the old "hood". On the other hand, I feel a bit of gratification in believing that NO OTHER business and/or condos belongs in the building. Only Herb's Delicatessen belongs in that location...
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