11/05/13 - posted by jb
I came in from cleaning out my garage to find this waiting for me from an old friend with whom I grew up.


I am too senile to recall if this already went around and too lazy to look; however, it really hits many of the classic memorable spots so if you are up for a slow ride around the City in the old family Buick, hop in. I was so moved that I may go salvage much of what I was tossing out, but better to hang onto the memories than the clutter in which they reside.

What really hit me was the view from Coit Tower now gone to trees, the speed of the Zoo train, the evident decay of Playland and the lack of crowds on the cable car and at Lombard St. Also, the crabs looked much bigger.

See what grabs your attention on this drive through the past and please post for the enlightenment of us all. Warning: if you get car sick, please don't sit behind anyone.


PS: I'm signing off for a spell due to hand surgery. I'll be back when I can tickle the keys with a full 10.
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