07/17/13 - posted by W.M.
Actually when I was about 8 - 10 years old, my Dad would have Mom fix me a little "highball" when it appeared I was starting to catch a cold (even though Mom STRONGLY objected to it). It consisted of about a cap-full of bourbon or whiskey and then filled to the rim with 7up. Actually I can remember liking it as it gave me a "warm" feeling inside, but I never became a drunk or alcoholic because of it.

Another remedy for coughs I forgot about was (old formula) Pertussin Syrup. As I recall it was cherry flavored and packed one heck of a "punch" for stopping the cough and even helping sleep. I don't know what ingredients composed this wonderous medicine, but NOTHING available today over-the-counter even comes close to it.

I can remember a couple of friends of mine who's parents used turpentine for a variety of remedies. Ever hear of this? In fact, turpentine is one of the ingredients in Vicks Vapor Rub (or used to be).
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