07/16/13 - posted by Paul Judge
In our family the ‘cure’ for most anything had to include aspirin, plain ordinary white tablets, none of that orange St. Joseph’s for Children stuff. Beyond that, bed rest until the fever or cold broke. For a high fever a wetted, cold wash cloth on the forehead to make one more comfortable. If one had the ‘heaves’ and a high temperature maybe one of the kids would be sent to the corner market for some ginger ale or 7-Up to settle the stomach (It sure tasted better than dry heaving bile – ohhh so gross - on the upward return, too!).

As a kid those spells of flu or sometimes bronchitis I recall would seem to last for weeks. Sometimes sleeping patterns flipped to day time and I’d remain awake at night tuning around the dial to radio stations with the glow of a bedside table radio to keep me company.

Once I started back on my feet after being bed bound for a long spell I remember my legs felt weak and rubbery. Returning to school was subjection to ‘being a stranger in a strange land’. The classroom, friends, and especially school work felt remote and unfamiliar.
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