07/21/13 - posted by Paul Judge
W.M. you triggered another childhood memory. Agghhh! I forgot toothaches, ugh - the home remedy or while away in the mountains (elevation seemed to be an aggravation to poor dental hygiene) was to apply cloves or oil of cloves on the afflicted area. It worked decently well until the trip to the dentist was arranged where the use of Novocaine was never employed. Purgatory!

For upset stomach or indigestion it was a healthy spoonful of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda mixed in a glass of water to settle the matter. The aftermath was the only time that 'belching' was tolerated in our home.

For earaches it was the trusty electric heating pad. Though as a young sprout I remember a roaring earache that caused me a long day of crying discomfort. A call to Kaiser brought a home visit from a doctor who gave me an injection and grateful relief.
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