07/20/13 - posted by W.M.
I also remember an early cure for a toothache was to place an aspirin on (or along side of) the tooth that hurts and leaving it there until it dissolved. Of course if that didn't work, there was always an ice-pack held in place by a scarf tied around your head and under the chin.

Today's medications all seem to have numerous possible side effects that are by far worse than whatever malady you trying to cure. Watching TV commercials about medications is like reading all the "fine print" before signing some sort of contract. Generally each commercial ends with the last 15 seconds or so with some low-volume, fast speaking voice listing how we shouldn't drive or operate machinery, we may experience abnormal behaviors or develop suicidal/homocidal tendencies, we may experience problems breathing or swelling of tongue or other constrictions of the airway. Ironically the side effects are the very same symptoms that some of the medications are supposed protect against such as inhalers that claim to help with lung function, but may cause difficulty breathing. IT'S REDICULOUS!!!!!

Pass me the bowl of chicken soup please...matzoballs or noodles - either works for me.
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